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Height: short
Weight: incredibly dense for his size. he's like 300lbs or something idk
Age: like 12? 13? thereabouts
PARANORMAL TYPES, HARK: Loki's a god. He's a creature of story, but his is a clean slate. The last Loki died for a good cause and reincarnated into this Loki. A child, with memories of being an orphan in the streets of France with the name Serrure.

Specifically, Loki's an Asgardian god--the Marvel 616 flavor of Norse gods. For details on that go here. They have souls in a sense, but it is more pure energy than anything etc. etc. it's confusing.


Kid Loki ceases to be. An echo of the previous Loki kills his younger self and steals his body. The echo had no choice; he was a weapon, a program set by the previous Loki to kill Kid Loki and become him. All in order to escape the chains of fate.

AS you can understand, Kid Loki doesn't particularly care. He doesn't want to die. In meta-land, he is post death. And VERY bitter about it. In memes and such, he is blissfully ignorant.

Loki loves his brother, Thor. When Loki was but an orphan child living on the streets of France, conning passersby with street games of cups and pebbles, Thor found him. He adopted him back into the family, and Thor loved him. Loki immediately took to Thor. He looks up to him, wants to be like him--yet knows he can't be like him. He's Loki--which means he's a trickster, one with a silver-tongue. He can never help people as Thor helps people, gallantly fighting off beast after beast. He tried, once, saving child by individual child when Nightmare possessed children with fear, locking them in comas that would soon kill them. It nearly killed Loki. He has to fight smartly--which often means deception, and cutting off the head of the beast, rather than aiming for the heart.

Sometimes, though, Thor shows he doesn't trust Loki. He says as much, and it hurts. He says he loves Loki, but he still cannot let go of the old Loki that Thor knew--the one that stabbed him in the back so many times before.

Probably for the best, seeing as Kid Loki HAS betrayed Thor, once. He sent his brother to Hell, effectively. All to prove to a big bad villain that he could unravel everything if he wanted, at any given time. It gained him the villain's trust, allowing him to save the day. Thor nearly killed Loki in rage and shame before he found out the truth.

But Thor loved Loki until the end. This Loki slipped away, his older self killing him and taking his body to walk around in. Grow in. Change.

And Thor had no idea.

Loki also has--had--a friend by the name of Leah. She was Hela's handmaiden, the goddess' literal hand given a child's form. Hela charged Leah with the job of keeping watch over Loki. So Loki, surrounded by adults who largely didn't want to talk to him, attached himself to Leah. He thought them friends. They teased each other. Bantered. Became close, or so Loki thought. Leah seemed mostly apathetic most of the time.

Until Loki had to betray her, too. Loki had the chance to speak to three people before the old Loki killed him and took his form. He could not even whisper of the plot, but he could take care of his business and say his goodbyes.

He asked Hela to send Leah to a land before time--and no dinosaurs with terrible sequels. Hela agreed. I think she knew. She sent Leah to a time before creation, a lone, barren wasteland, where Leah would sit and be alone for eons.

Where Leah would be safe from Loki's evil. Where he couldn't use her.

Kid Loki misses her very much. He still thinks they were friends. If they were to meet--well, he's scared he'll find out the truth: they weren't. Not really. Somewhere deep inside, he knows that.


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